Yin Yoga Certification

Yin Yoga Certification

Oct 16 - 18, 2020 10 AM - 5 PM

25 hours (18 weekend hours & 7 hours mentoring)

Investment: $400 ($350 by Sept. 1)

Beloved Yoga has developed a unique Yin Yoga program that keeps its roots in the philosophy and practice of Yoga. The traditional Yin model, based on Taoism, (yin/yang/Tao) will be mirrored by the Gunas of Yoga (Tamas/Rajas/Sattva) in this workshop. In addition to exploring Yoga philosophy as it relates to Yin Yoga practice, teaching skills will be developed as you gain insight into the Beloved Yin Yoga Intelligent Sequence, which includes instruction in teaching methodology as you learn the traditional Yin Yoga poses. These skills can be used to sequence your own personal Yin Yoga practice or to teach Yin Yoga classes.

An in-depth study and discussion on fascia and joints will be the primary focus of enhancing your understanding of anatomy. There will also be time allocated to exploring the vibration of silence and stillness in personal practice and in teaching.

In the Beloved Yin Yoga Mentoring Program you will:

  • Take 2, Observe 2 & Teach 2 Yin Yoga classes

  • Write a Reflective paper on takeaways from the Training and learnings from taking, observing and teaching.

  • Attend 1 private mentoring session with a Beloved Yin Yoga mentor

Upon completion of the mentoring program requirements, you will receive a Yin Yoga Certificate from Beloved Yoga.

This workshop is open to yoga practitioners interested in deepening their yoga practice and yoga teachers looking to add a new skill set to their teaching toolkit. The 30-hour Yin Yoga Certification counts towards Yoga Alliance continuing education hours.

Required Reading: The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark

To obtain the Beloved Yoga Yin Yoga Certification you will need to take the full weekend course - 18 contact hours, and a mentoring sessions.