Trauma Informed Yoga Certification

Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification

Led by Heather Hagaman, MA, C-IAYT & Maryam Ovissi, C-IAYT

June 21- 23, 2019, 10 AM - 5  PM

Investment: $400 ($350 by May 21)

A 30-hour training program for yoga teachers, body workers, therapists, medical professionals, substance abuse counselors, social workers, teachers and first responders.

This is a one-of-a-kind training that blends the ancient wisdom of Yoga with the modern science of Trauma recovery. Yoga has recognized the necessity of befriending all the layers of our being to achieve peace in this life. The greatest path to healing from trauma is through the process of befriending the whole being.

We will share the modern history of trauma and dive deeply into the science of how all the body’s systems are impacted. We will illuminate the Yogic perspective on trauma through a discussion based on key segments of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras that speak directly to trauma and to the process of finding harmony with trauma and therefore one’s self. The nervous system and the brain structures will be studied, both through the framework of modern medicine and the Yogic energetic model. You will learn about advances in neuroscience and epigenetics that have given us a better understanding of how trauma changes our nervous system, brain development, self-regulation, and capacity to stay focused and in tune with others. This understanding is outlined in The Polyvagal Theory. Through our combined experience of over 25 years of work with clients, we have tested yoga tools and found how effective they are in transforming despair into hope.

You will learn yogic tools to guide the journey into wholeness for all people. “We are on the verge of becoming a trauma-conscious society. Almost every day one of my colleagues publishes another report on how trauma disrupts the working of the mind, brain and body.” said Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk, MD, leading authority on Trauma Recovery.

At Beloved Yoga, we take this data seriously and we work tirelessly to develop and apply more effective ways to keep Yoga safe and therapeutic, whether in a group class or a private session. We strive to guide all teachers to become trauma-informed in order to create the safest and most accessible yoga experiences. Heather and Maryam are now offering the latest, innovative evidence-based training that demonstrates the necessity of the integration of Yoga into the treatment of trauma healing. This three-day training blends philosophy and science with a clear application of yogic tools. You will walk away feeling empowered in how to create a safe and grounded environment for all populations.


  • Understand the vagus nerve, Polyvagal Theory and HPA axis

  • Gain insight into modern trauma theories and perspectives

  • Understand trauma through the lens of the philosophy of Yoga, including the Pancha Maya framework

  • Learn self-care methods in working with trauma and address secondary traumatic stress

  • Gain insight into special populations, i.e., addictions, recovery and first responders

  • Learn about the effective tools of bilateral mind-body stimulation

  • Learn how to use Yogic tools to create safety and stability for clients

  • Learn effective use of breath work in grounding and self-empowerment

  • Learn the use of contemplative practices and affirmation work

Weekend Schedule

Friday, 10 AM - 5  PM: The Science & Philosophy of Trauma, Part 1

Saturday, 10 AM - 5  PM: The Polyvagal Theory & Trauma Informed Yoga Methodology

Sunday, 10 AM - 5  PM: Trauma-Informed Yoga Methodology and Applications


  • All modules will have lecture, discussion and practical experience incorporated.

  • To obtain the 30 hr Beloved Yoga Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification you will need to take the full weekend course - 20 contact hours, and have a mentoring session with either Heather or Maryam, submit a reflective paper on 5 take aways and lead four trauma-informed Yoga sessions or demonstrate how you are integrating the trauma informed yoga tools into your work/practice. If you choose to only take the weekend portion and not do the additional required work, you will obtain 20 CEUs.

Recommended Reading

The Polyvagal Theory Handbook by Dr. Stephen Porges; Trauma Tool Kit: Healing PTSD From the Inside Out by Susan Banitt; The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk & Overcoming Trauma through Yoga: Reclaiming the Body by David Emerson