Befriending Yoga Therapy

Semi-Private Sessions

In Yoga, there is an important aspect of the journey of connection called Sangha, which translates to “community.” It is derived from the Sanskrit work Satsang (a community of beings who are wise). Our small group semi-private series are based on the necessity for community, yet we create safety by keeping the number of attendees low. We are able to offer personalized practices in small group settings.

Every six weeks, we offer a new selection of three to six-week long courses, limited to eight participants. These courses focus on a range of topics, from yoga therapy to learning how to master your handstands.

Each class is 60-90 minutes and led by a teacher with experience and expertise in the topic being explored. The class will begin with some discussion related to a specific imbalance and how the tools of yoga can be utilized to address this imbalance. Students will then spend part of the class practicing and experiencing the tools of yoga described and be given suggested homework for implementing those tools off the mat. A self-care plan will also be offered by the teacher to each student who attends class.

Beloved Yoga Befriending Yoga Therapy sessions are not intended to replace a physician’s diagnosis or recommendations but to complement your journey. We work closely with your team of health care providers to develop the best plan to support your journey. All classes are trauma-informed and chairs are available.

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