Befriending Yoga Therapy

Private Sessions

Originally, Yoga was intended to be a personal practice and to meet each person where they are. Our focus in these 1-hour semi-private sessions is to develop self-care plans to support you in your intention for these classes. Your intention may be to support the process of healing and well-being in dealing with acute or chronic imbalances; or maybe into work toward developing skills to achieve your asana, meditation or breath work goals.


Befriending Yoga Therapy private sessions are available for practitioners who feel best served in a one-on-one setting with a qualified teacher. All Befriending Yoga Therapy teachers are experienced yoga teachers with advanced training.  


Privates can be used to:

- Intro to Yoga: Begin the journey with Yoga

- Advance Your Practice: Learning how to approach any asana- from savasana to handstands

- Mature your Breath Work and Meditation Practice

- Develop a Home Practice

We work with a range of imbalances as well...a few examples are:

- Chronic pain

- Inflammation

- Structural surgical recovery

- Spinal and structural imbalances

- Trauma and addictions recovery

- Depression and anxiety

- Sleep disorders

- Cancer care

- Medical trauma


Private sessions last for one hour. During your session, your teacher will work with you to create a customized self-care plan consisting of yoga tools that can be helpful in your personal journey towards well-being. You will be given a self-care plan at the end of each session to implement in your home practice between sessions.


Name Price
One-Hour Online Private Session$75.00Add to Cart
Intro One-Hour Online Private Session$50.00Add to Cart
Intro 3 One-Hour Private Sessions$300.00Add to Cart
Intro 3 One-Hour Couples Private Sessions$320.00Add to Cart
One-Hour Private Session$120.00Add to Cart


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