Befriending Yoga Therapy

Private Sessions

Originally, Yoga was intended to be a personal practice and to meet each person where they are.  This is our focus in these 1-hour private yoga sessions.  Our experienced private yoga teachers will listen to your interests and goals, and will work with you to develop all aspects of a yoga practice tin a way that supports with your interests and goals. Whether you experience imbalances or challenges in the body, breath, or meditation, or simply want to explore your practice to develop greater strength and ease we are experienced in integrating all aspects of yoga to the interests and needs of each student. 


Beloved private yoga sessions are available for practitioners who feel best served in a one-on-one setting with a qualified teacher. All Befriending Yoga Therapy teachers are experienced yoga teachers with advanced training and work therapeutically and supportively with each private student.  


Privates can be used to:

- Introduce you to Yoga: Begin the journey with Yoga

- Advance Your Practice: Learning how to approach any asana- from savasana to handstands

- Mature your Breath Work and Meditation Practice

- Develop a Home Practice


We work with a range of imbalances as well...a few examples are:

- Chronic or periodic back discomfort or pain

- Postural strengthening

- Tightness in the body

- Spinal and structural imbalances

- Stress and anxiety

- Recovery from accidents, surgery, or physical trauma.


Private sessions last for one hour. During your session, your teacher will work with you to create a customized practice consisting of yoga tools that can be helpful in your personal journey towards well-being. You will be given a few tools to practice at the end of each session, and to evaluate and build upon in your next private.  We will also help you select appropriate classes you may want to consider as your journey continues. 


Name Price
One-Hour Online Private Session$75.00Add to Cart
Intro One-Hour Online Private Session$50.00Add to Cart
Semi-Private Class (3-5 people per class)$40.00Add to Cart
Intro 3 One-Hour Private Sessions$300.00Add to Cart
Intro 3 One-Hour Couples Private Sessions$320.00Add to Cart
One-Hour Private Session$120.00Add to Cart
5 One-Hour Private Sessions$450.00Add to Cart
10 One-Hour Private Sessions$800.00Add to Cart
10 One-Hour Couples Sessions$1,200.00Add to Cart


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