Befriending Cancer with Yoga and Nutrition certification

Befriending Cancer with Yoga and Nutrition Certification

with Maryam Ovissi, Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist & Anu Kaur, RDN

4-week series / 20 hours*

Dates: TBD

Online- Zoom Platform

Open for People on the journey with cancer and yoga professionals/medical providers who are interested in learning skills to share.


Join us for a 4-week online course where Anu Kaur and Maryam Ovissi will share evidence-based information on practices to support the journey with cancer. We will address the various stages in the journey and how paying thoughtful attention to your nourishment and self-care practices are essential. 

After years of working with individuals on the journey with cancer, we have found that the secret lies in befriending the trauma of cancer and inviting the transformational power of the journey within. The tool for befriending is in creating compassion-based habits.  As health professionals, come and learn the science behind this “befriending approach” and how you can help cancer patients, survivors and caregivers improve their quality of life through yoga and nutrition.   

The learning objectives are:

Week 1:

- Learn how Trauma-Informed Yoga & Yoga Therapy can support a person through the cancer continuum

- Understand the impact of cancer on the body, the metabolic alterations in cancer and what is included in high-quality nutrition care in healthcare

Week 2:

- Recognize the stress response and yoga’s role in the quality of life for cancer patients

- Exposure to the Malnutrition Assessment tool, the role of weight change and the importance of body composition for appropriate treatment for cancer patients 

Week 3

- Learn about evidence-based nutritional recommendations for cancer prevention and the current cancer research on special diets and metabolic therapies such as fasting

- Understand the role of the nervous system and polyvagal theory in connecting physiology, emotion and lifestyle behavior

Week 4

- Learn the multi-dimensional/Pancha-Maya-based self-care plan model

- Develop multi-disciplinary connections via integrative healthcare referral network, partnerships to integrate yoga into cancer care, and guide cancer patients on how to access nutrition care along the cancer continuum

Tenderness and compassion are the key principles of our teachings. In addition to providing the science on nutrition and cancer, Anu will lead us through key ideas for healthy nourishment and offer a blueprint for lifestyle changes from simple ways to retrain the palette to a focus on the idea of "attunement towards contentment." Mind-body nourishment will be seen through the lens of digesting your food and your life to create space for healing. Maryam will offer simple and profound techniques to access the nervous system and create connections. Come and be part of our community. 

Yoga teachers, yoga therapists, registered dietitian nutritionists to obtain CEUs, one must attend the full course. 

This course will include weekly video resources by Maryam and Anu to supplement weekly learning.

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To obtain the certification, one must complete the four sessions and the following requirements:

  • One-on-one mentoring meeting with Anu and Maryam 

  • Paper on 5 minimum main takeaways from the course

  • Demonstrate application within one’s professional setting