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"> Winter Solstice Soul Massage with David Martin

Winter Solstice Soul Massage with David Martin

Winter Solstice Soul Massage with David Martin

David combines his skill set as a Yogi, Reiki Master and Neuro-Acoustic Sound Practitioner, to create an immersive experience in Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) and Sound Meditation. Not only is the gong a sonic experience, it also facilitates a deep massage of the entire body down to the cellular level that allows us to experience deep relaxation, wholeness, waking dream-like states and even altered or heightened states of consciousness. We become hyper aware of our entire being and it’s many layers as it is in a constant state of vibration. This truly unique experience of mantra and the gong is deeply relaxing and potently healing, guaranteed to offer a profound sense of harmony, peace and stillness.

Join us for a very special Winter Solstice immersive sound experience David calls the Soul Massage. Participants will be bathed by the sound vibrations of his massive 54-inch bronze gong. This very unique gong’s resonant frequency is 28 hertz. The Earth vibrates at around 14 hertz. This means that this particular gong vibrates very close to the same resonant frequency at which our planet vibrates and also means that you will be vibrating at that frequency too. It is a very grounding and profound experience! This vibration is so low in the frequency range that you actually feel the gong before you actually hear it. The experience of sound and consciousness can also suppress pain, strengthen your willpower, and boost your creative inspiration and power amongst numerous other benefits.

The power of sound has the ability to activate our core harmony, balance the cycles of give and take, and quite literally reduce stress, stimulate glandular health, nourish the nervous system and facilitate healing movement amongst any density of our emotional, physiological and spiritual being. Through the divine practice of deep listening and cultivating receptivity by giving and receiving sound, we become a uniting consciousness vibrating with the wisdom of the cosmos to develop a healthy relationship with our internal and external environments.




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Winter Solstice Soul Massage with David Martin



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