With Maryam Ovissi

"> The How of Intentional Movement

The How of Intentional Movement

The How of Intentional Movement

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As human beings, we are naturally resilient and adaptable—but our health and well-being truly flourish when we take the time to engage in mindful, heartful, body-loving whole-self-care. 

The way we move is something that is seldom given much consideration beyond the work of movement practitioners who teach powerful techniques such as Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique to dancers and other people who work with their bodies on an intense and regular basis. Yoga has skimmed the line between performance and achievement of the “look” of a posture versus the feel. 

This webinar will give you powerful insight into why the intentionality of movement is important to enter the next dimension of your well-being:

  • Understand how modern society has impacted the way you move—and how you can improve your life by improving your movement
  • Essential awareness about two powerful sensory systems—proprioception (perception of your movement) and interoception (understanding of your inner bodily state with the essential support of your breath)—in your movement
  • Dive into understanding asymmetric practices, bilateral movement, and balance postures as essential categories of movement to optimize our whole being
  • Know why breath awareness is a must when we desire to utilize movement to transform our inner domain