Root to Rise

Root to Rise

Susan Muir

May 4, 2-5 PM

Investment: $55 ($47 by April 30)

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore the concept of “root to rise” grounding and earth-based bandhas in your hands and feet
  • Cultivate the foundational practice of a steady breath and gaze as you move through a yoga sequence that is connected to a mindful focus on the 1st chakra—Muladhara/root chakra
  • Nourish the nervous system with an extended savasana bathed in the sound vibrations of alchemy crystal singing bowls

Root and ground yourself to the earth to rebalance and expand. Grounding the bones in our bodies to the earth’s support helps stabilize our entire energy body. Cultivating this stability with the earth allows us to be open to and to receive the blessings of growth and expansion. This workshop will conclude with the relaxing and healing sound vibrations of alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Join Susan Muir and Root to Rise!

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Root to Rise