Resilient Yoga for All Addictions Recovery

Resilient Yoga for All Addictions Recovery

Embracing the Path of Joyful Recovery!

Heather Hagaman

4-week series: Wednesdays, 6 - 7:30 PM, March 27 - April 17

Investment: $120

This 4-week series is open to anyone in addictions recovery that wants to learn and experience how yogic tools of resiliency can help you live in more ease as you abstain from addiction. Today, science is helping us to understand that unresolved traumas held in the body need to be brought into the healing of addiction. Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of daily stress. This process is not really addressed in the treatment of addictions. Evidence-based studies are showing that trauma-informed yoga can give you tools of self-regulation and self-soothing that are accessible at any time and in any place. These tools can help you to live a more joyful recovery process.

Each week, you will learn about the science of trauma and how the philosophy of yoga has always been a therapeutic system that addresses the suffering of the obsessive mind. Experience an all-inclusive trauma-informed yoga practice that will be done using the support of a chair. Many people in addictions recovery report that they can't do yoga because they aren't flexible. If you have always wanted to try yoga, chair yoga is a safe place to begin. You will walk away with yogic tools to befriend the body, breathing exercises to aid in emotional balance and guided meditations for positive self-esteem and wholeness!  

Heather Hagaman, MA,CSAC-T, C-IAYT is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in training and is a Certified IAYT Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist.   Heather is in long-term recovery. She works extensively with people in recovery from all addictions. She uses the science of trauma, teaches about resilient yoga tools and holds sacred, confidential space for people to experience inner connections and a way back to wholeness.

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