Resilient Yoga for All Addictions Certification

Resilient Yoga for All Addictions Certification

By understanding the layers of addiction through science and the philosophy of yoga, Heather Hagaman has developed a set of trauma-informed yoga tools of resiliency to empower people who are choosing to move away from addiction. This training will help you to cultivate an awareness of how integral yoga is to the addiction recovery process and how yoga has always been a therapeutic system that addresses the obsessive mind and trauma in the body in the treatment of addiction.

Heather will help you learn how to hold compassionate and safe yoga spaces for all who are abstaining from an addiction so that they can experience the healing medicine of yoga.  Today, many people in recovery report that “they can’t do yoga because they don’t fit in, they can’t sit still or they can’t sit on the floor,” and this perpetuates the feeling of isolation which is one of the core painful experiences of addiction.  Heather focuses on everyone feeling welcomed, no matter where they are in their journey!  You will learn to create an all-inclusive support group or sangha by customizing a practice using props to have everyone be together, feeling connected so that no one gets left behind.  This training will help build confidence in sharing yogic tools in addictions rehabilitation centers or to people in recovery from any addiction. 

You will learn:
- the science of addiction 
- to understand the Yoga lens on addictions
- the relationship between trauma and addiction
- how to educate and empower people about their survival physiology
- chair/wall/mat sequences focused on befriending the body

- breathing exercises to aid in emotional balance 

- affirmations for positive self-esteem and wholeness



Heather Hagaman, MA, CSAC-T, C-IAYT has a Masters in Psychology, is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in training and is a Certified IAYT Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist.   She is the Director of Beloved Yoga’s  Trauma and Recovery programs in Reston, Virginia.  

Heather believes that recovering from addiction requires healing of the mind, the body and the breath. Many people in addictions recovery have experienced traumatic stressors from childhood.  These events can create havoc in one’s nervous system and set up a maladaptive coping system for years to come.  Yoga helps to move the stuck energy in the body; it helps release “the issues that live in our tissues.” Once released, a person can begin to learn yogic tools to self regulate and to self soothe.  Yoga helps one to pause and not run from the feelings but flow with them as energies.  Yogic tools help the person to stay present, breathe and ground rather than to reach and run to the outside world for an instant fix. 

Heather is in long-term recovery.  She works extensively with people in recovery from all addictions.  Heather collaborates with psychotherapists and health practitioners to assist clients in reaching their wellness goals. She uses the science of trauma, resilient yoga tools and holds sacred, confidential space for people to experience inner connections and a way back to wholeness.

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Resilient Yoga for All Addictions Certification
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  • Saturday 1/25/2020 (10:00 am - 5:00 pm)
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  • Resilient Yoga for All Addictions Certification