Mudras of Indian Dance

Mudras of Indian Dance

Sunday, April 21, 12 - 3 PM

In this workshop, you will learn about the significance of mudras or hand gestures in Indian classical dance and how they blend into Bollywood music and dance. The mudras convey the expression and storytelling of Indian dance. You will learn about different kinds of mudras and how to embellish the story and carry on the conversation between the dancers and the audience. You will learn a Bollywood Indian dance.



      -Tripataka (flag parrot with 3 colors)

        -Aradhpataka (half flag)

          -Kartarimukah (scissors)

            -Alapadma (lotus)

              -Katakamukha (deer)

                -Mayura (peacock)

                  -Mushti (fist)

                    -Ardhachandra (half moon)

                      -Pushpaputam (cup)

                        -Double Mayura (mama peacock)

                          -Cross Lotus

                            -Anjali - Namaste

                             You will learn both single hand mudras (Asamyukta hastas) and double hand mudras (Samyukta mudras).

                            Monika Chaturvedi is a classical Kathak dancer and has performed on stage since the age of three in various forms of folk dance, semi-classical and Bollywood dance. Dance is her first passion and she runs a Bollywood dance school, Bollyside Beats, in Herndon, Virginia teaching from tiny tots to adults.

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