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8 week session

"> Family Yoga (ages 5-12)

Family Yoga (ages 5-12)

Family Yoga (ages 5-12)

WINTER 2020 SESSION: Sun., Jan. 26, 2020 to Sun., Mar. 15, 2020 (8 Weeks)

Family Yoga provides a great opportunity for parents and kids to combine physical exercise and family togetherness. Family yoga classes are structured like kids yoga classes where kids will learn yoga poses through games, stories, adventure and songs, with the emphasis on interactive and fun partner poses for kids and adults to do together. No prior yoga experience required.

Each 8-week session builds the family's knowledge of yoga as a tool through repetition and gradual progression of new breath-, posture- and mindfulness exercises. 

8 Week Session:

$144 for child with parent; Additional sibling or parent: $80 each.  Pro-rated enrollment.

Classes are non-refundable and expire at end of session. Parent or caregiver is required to attend with child. Drop-ins are only available after session is established and are for purchase in the studio at $25 per class.

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Family Yoga (ages 5-12): 8 wks Winter Session



Family Yoga (ages 5-12): 8 wks Winter - Sibling



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