Doug Keller: Yoga and the Doer

Doug Keller: Yoga and the Doer

Yoga and the ‘Doer:’ An Exploration of the Pranayama Experience in Light of the Teachings of Classical Yoga, Tantra and Bhakti with Doug Keller

Saturday, May 18, 10 - 12:30 PM & 2- 4:30 PM

Investment: $95 before May 18/$110 on May 18

The root of the Sanskrit word ‘Bhakti’ (devotion) is ‘Bhaj,’ which means to participate. The idea of active participation and engagement in life through yoga practice is a vital counterpoint to the ascetic teachings of the early yogis emphasizing renunciation and ‘non-doership.’

The pranayama experience walks the fine line between ‘doing’ and ‘nondoing’ — and the space of feeling that lies between the two. This will be an experiential immersion, emphasizing practices of pranayama that include later tantric forms of visualization and vibration or mantra — and forms of meditation that are the fruit of these practices. The emphasis will be not just on ‘doing’ the practices (especially concerns about ‘doing’ them ‘correctly’), but on feeling them — and the illumination that they bring.

This practical core will set the stage for discussing the themes of ‘doership’ and ‘agency’ — and the yogic ethics surrounding these concepts — that provide a thread running through the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, Patanjali, Tantra and Bhakti yoga. Familiarity with these philosophies and their texts is not required: these are human questions surrounding spirituality and the actions that are just as relevant today as they were centuries and even millennia ago.

The day will be a mix of doing, feeling and discussing that will provide light upon your own path.

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