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"> Creating Inner Peace within the Storm

Creating Inner Peace within the Storm

Creating Inner Peace within the Storm

This two-hour workshop is open to all levels of asana and meditation experience. Dante will lead a soothing one-hour asana class to prepare the body for sound meditation. For the next 30 minutes, Dante will give simple yet powerful instructions on varying pranayama techniques that can benefit all levels of practitioners to strengthen their asana practice and achieve deeper states of meditation. In the final 30 minutes, Dante will conclude with a soothing and unique exploration of the chakra energy points through sound vibration. 

Sound healing is the use of tuned, deep-vibrational instruments, such as crystal and Tibetan bowls during healing and meditation, which can balance dissonant frequencies in the body and bring them into harmony. The tones and frequencies the bowls carry affect us in specific ways–each tone activates a different energy center, chakra, and organ system within the body.

Dante Baker is a holistic mind and body practitioner who holds certifications in various modalities such as Hatha Yoga E-RYT200, Qigong, Meditation, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy. Dante’s inspiration to work with sound healing came from his service at the Homa Organic Farm in 2012, which held ceremonial ancient Agnihotra practice, which consists of the recitation of Sanskrit chants, burning indigenous ingredients to purify the atmosphere and using those ashes as nutrients for plants. The farmer who owned the property adopted the use of crystal bowls as an added healing practice for the plant’s ecosystem and for group meditation practices.

Dante currently holds sound meditation events all over the east coast in different yoga studios, holistic wellness facilities, and corporations. He developed his own unique sound meditation using crystal bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, tuning forks, chimes, and sacred chants. Dante creates sound baths that are compatible with many other yoga styles and holistic practices so that numerous people from different backgrounds can experience deep relaxation and healing of the sacred sound creations.

"My personal philosophy is that the body has its own innate wisdom and all we have to do is tune the conditions to allow the body to perform its natural healing.” -Dante Baker

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Creating Inner Peace within the Storm




  • Saturday 6/6/2020 (4:00 pm - 6:00 pm)