An in-person signing with Maryam Ovissi!

"> Care of the Whole Self Book Signing

Care of the Whole Self Book Signing

Care of the Whole Self Book Signing

Beloved Yoga Sanctuary is hosting an in-person book signing with Maryam. Bita Ghavami, designer and illustrator will join us and share her art pieces! 

Care of the Whole Self: Yoga-Inspired Practices for Befriending the Whole Self is a compassionate, comprehensive, and concise guidebook for how to work in by cultivating the ability to sit peacefully with yourself. The book includes access to clear and simple tools to interject into your day for rest, meditation, and the regulation of stress and anxiety. 

Care of the Whole Self was written to support humanity in remembering what it means to be fully animal, human, and divine—to embrace, know, and live from all parts of who we are. In it, you’ll discover yoga methodology, trauma-informed neuroscience, evocative poetry, and simple but effective rituals that will give you a solid foundation to build a whole-self-care plan to transform your life and lead you to the lasting peace you deserve!

Maryam Ovissi is a yoga therapist, author, and caregiver of Beloved Yoga: A Sanctuary for All. Maryam’s full bio is available at

We continue to celebrate the launch of Maryam’s book “Care of the Whole Self” with an opportunity to meet the author and to have your book signed. The very essence of the book’s message is the care of the whole self and with that in mind, we will continue to care for our community with full reverence for social distancing and precautions.

  • We hold this event with the utmost respect for physical distancing.
  • Masks are required inside the studio.
  • Light refreshments will be served.
  • Books available for purchase or bring your own copy.

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Care of the Whole Self Book Signing




  • Care of the Whole Self Book Signing