Dante Baker

"> Breath, Meditation & Sound Healing

Breath, Meditation & Sound Healing

Breath, Meditation & Sound Healing

Dante Baker

Saturday, June 29, 1 - 3 PM


This two-hour workshop is open to all levels of asana and meditation experience. Dante will lead a soothing 30-minute asana class to prepare the body for sound meditation. For the next 30 minutes, Dante will give simple yet powerful instructions on varying pranayama techniques that can benefit all levels of practitioners to strengthen their asana practice and achieve deeper states of meditation. In the last hour, you will be exposed to soothing and unique sonic vibrations which open up each chakra.

Sound healing is the use of tuned, deep-vibrational instruments such as crystal and Tibetan bowls during healing and meditation, which can balance dissonant frequencies in the body and bring them into harmony. The tones and frequencies the bowls carry affect us in specific ways–each tone activates a different energy center, chakra, and organ system within the body.

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Sound Bowl Workshop w/ Dante