Wednesdays 4:45 - 5:45 PM 

8 week session

"> After School Yoga (ages 5-11)

After School Yoga (ages 5-11)

After School Yoga (ages 5-11)

WINTER SESSION: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020 to Thursday, Mar. 12, 2020 (8 Weeks)

Children will learn how to move from wired to rewired while enjoying physical movement, self-expression, and self-confidence. They will learn foundational to challenging yoga poses and techniques that increase strength and flexibility, improve gross and fine motor skills, improve concentration, and give children the tools to manage stress in their daily lives. After School Yoga is full of fun and interactive activities for elementary aged boys and girls. Physical practices are combined with breathing- and relaxation exercises that include meditation, visualization, body awareness, social skills, flexibility, and coordination that cultivate a calm mind. 

Every week we will review and incorporate new yoga poses, stories, games, songs, music, movement, and stretching into this fun, non-competitive class. Classes end with a period of relaxation.

Yoga is a life skill for the mind and body that is learned with continuous practice in order to be applied properly. 8 weeks allow for integration of learned exercises and techniques to be used off the mat and in real-life situations.

8 Week Session:

$144 for child with parent; Additional sibling or parent: $80 each.  Pro-rated enrollment.

Classes are non-refundable and expire at end of session. Drop-ins are only available after the session is established and are for purchase in the studio at $25 per class. 

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After School Yoga - 8 weeks Winter Session


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