ABC’s (and D!) for a Successful Beginner’s Practice

ABC’s (and D!) for a Successful Beginner’s Practice

With Susan Knoblauch

Wednesdays, June 5, 12, 19 & 26, 5 - 6:30 PM

Have you been wanting to step on a mat to try yoga but have concerns about being a “newbie” in an existing group class? Or maybe you’ve started your yoga journey but would like a little more individualized guidance. Either way, this small group, 4-week series is just for you.

A. We will start with the breath and discover how you can build a relationship with your breath that allows you to get the most out of your yoga practice on the mat and even support the off-the-mat life you want to live.

B. With the breath in hand, we’ll focus on discovering your unique whole being – the physical, energetic, mental,        emotional, and spiritual being – and how these spheres inter-relate. We’ll increase awareness of what’s going on inside your body when you move as well as awareness of your body in the space around you. This awareness will lead to an understanding of how to use various yoga props to support your unique being.

C. With breath and body consciousness, we’ll practice basic yoga postures (asanas) that are part of typical group classes. We will discuss which asanas may or may not be appropriate for you. (Not every asana is for everybody.)

D. You’ll develop a script for a home practice that you can practice with confidence, a script that works for whatever amount of time you make available.

Each session will build upon the previous session. Susan will give suggestions for practice each week and time as necessary to share experiences of practicing the previous week’s suggestions.

Susan Smith Knoblauch has been teaching beginner classes for more than 10 years and is filled with deep gratitude each time she has the privilege of being part of one’s beginning journey into Yoga. She welcomes conversations with yogis about their initial experiences with yoga and continues to tailor her teaching to respond to commonly heard concerns and joys.

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