Minjung Seo

Minjung Seo believes the practice of yoga supports the cultivation of pure contentment and joy through the experience of a deeper connection with the body, mind and spirit.


Minjung began her 200 Hour Teacher training in 2016 with LifePower Yoga and continued the 85 Hour Prenatal Teacher training from Beloved Yoga under Maryam Ovissi and Vasanthi Srinivasan. She continues to delve into the knowledge and philosophy of yoga through personal practice, studies and trainings.


Minjung believes that yoga is a tool of empowerment for expecting mothers and new mothers. Through nurturing the bond between mother and child, she supports a reconnection of a mother’s body and mind to her child. In her Prenatal classes, she creates a safe environment for practitioners to explore the physical and emotional transitions of the journey of pregnancy through listening to the guidance of the breath and body.


Minjung also thinks that yoga can be practiced throughout one’s lifetime. The Baby and Me class is the doorway for the babies to experience yoga for the first time and an opportunity for moms to get back into yoga practice after the birth. She hopes to become a mindful and gentle guide in this journey.

Minjung Seo's Upcoming Classes


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