Jan Silvano

200h RYT January 2014 Beloved Yoga

300 RYT  December 2017 Beloved Yoga 

95 RYT Children’s Yoga, July 2018 Beloved Yoga

50 hr Seniors Yoga training, Kimberly Carson, Carole Kruchoff, Duke Integrative Medicine at Kripalu, August 2015

My mentors are Maryam Ovissi, Jafar Alexander, Heather Hagaman, Vasanthi Srinivasan, Ganesh Mohan, and all the excellent teachers at Beloved Yoga since 2005.

I have practiced yoga for many years. I realized my desire to share and guide others along the yoga journey when I began training in the 200 hour program at Beloved. I am dedicated to the concept of awareness, especially in regard to flexibility, balance, contemplation, and breath. Sharing this awareness with people of all ages is my focus.

I am married with two grown children, and I currently work as a school librarian. I love music, I sing, and play the clarinet and piano. For fun, I travel, read, spend time outside, and swim. I continue to be surprised and grateful along the path: pade pade, one breath at a time.


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