Jamilee Wagenseil

Yoga: Seek me and I’ll be there!

At age 49, Yoga and I started a relationship. It has developed through time to become a pathway toward transformation & growth. A practice, with its principles & guidelines to help me achieve a balanced state of being. As life has its ups & downs, so is the journey of yoga. It can be complicated, challenging, inspiring, uplifting. It requires resilience, softness, courage, acceptance, & perseverance.

Fundamentally, yoga invites us to keep learning and investigating ourselves to improve our wellbeing and our connection with the world around us.

Beloved Yoga nurtured my commitment with both the 200 & 300 TT. Mentoring with my teachers developed my enthusiasm and dedication for teaching.

As a yoga instructor, my priority is to connect with practitioners & be present, to enhance stability & ease through breath & movement, to promote self-awareness, offering a practice that can be challenging yet flexible & accessible to all.

I enjoy Opera, Foreign languages, nature & travels...


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