Yoga & the Lunar Cycle

Yoga & the Lunar Cycle

Across cultures and through time, humans have looked to the Moon with reverence, awe, and wonder. The Moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides and, on a more subtle level, us! In the yoga tradition, Moon energy (chandra or soma) is considered feminine and tamasic, in contrast with the Sun’s (surya) masculine, rajasic energy. We can draw inspiration from and embody the Moon by slowing down, opening our senses to the natural world, and exploring the lunar cycle. In this 5-week workshop, we will delve into the Moon phases and experience each through dialogue, breath, and slow vinyasa flow.

New Moon Thursday, September 17 (Moon enters Libra)

Planting, brewing, germination, setting intentions

First Quarter Waxing Thursday, September 24 (Moon in Capricorn; 2 days after Autumn Equinox)

Growth, action, experimentation, follow-through

Full Moon Thursday, October 1 (Moon in Aries)

Harvest, abundance, reaping the fruits of our labor

Last Quarter Waning Thursday, October 8 (Moon in Cancer)

Release, transformation, introspection

Dark or Balsamic Moon Thursday, October 15 (Moon in Libra; following day is the next new moon)

Rest, recharge, emptiness

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