Yoga Sutras Online Study: Chapter/Pade 4: Kaivalya

Yoga Sutras Online Study: Chapter/Pade 4: Kaivalya

Join Maryam Ovissi and Susan Knoblauch as they continue the journey into Pade 4 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Pade 4 is titled Kavailya. Kaivalya means freedom, ironically it also means a path of solitude. This teaching reminds us that yoga is personal practice yet we all can draw from specific wisdom in the Yoga Sutras to encourage our individual path as yogins! 

We will feature some guest teachers during this 6-week series! Join us for one or all of the sessions. 1 CEU per session (YA/IAYT)

September 16: Thinning the Veils 4.1 - 4.3

September 23: Karma 4.4- 4. 8

September 30: Samskara 4.9- 4.21

October 7: Viveka & Kaivalya 4.22 - 4.26

October 14: There is little to know 4.31

October 21: Sattva~ It’s all about the Gunas!

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