Yoga of the Nine Emotions

Yoga of the Nine Emotions

Saturdays @11:30 am - 12:30 pm

9-week class series starting June 13th


The energies of emotion (rasas) are strong, partly physical and partly mental. These energies are always present, like thoughts and physical sensations. The essences of emotion are found in Love, Joy, Wonder, Peace, Courage, Anger, Compassion, Fear, and Disgust. In the tradition of tantric yoga, our awareness of these energies may be cultivated in our moods and attitudes and these energies may be balanced through a thoughtful rasa sadhana practice. 


In this series of nine classes, we will identify and explore the nine rasas, the families of emotion that lie within each, and the way we experience and connect to these energies that influence our inner and outer experiences.  We will explore each rasa, share, and experience rasa energy in a 30-minute asana practice.  

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