Yoga for the Five Prana Vayus

Yoga for the Five Prana Vayus

Join us to explore how Prana, our vital energy force, moves in our bodies and the role that each of the 5 main energy paths, called Vayus, plays in bringing unity to mind-body-spirit. 

Each week we'll focus on a specific Vayu using particular breaths, mantras and movements that emphasize its role in maximizing our energy field. The last session will be a practice to highlight how our asanas are designed to invigorate all 5 Vayus in each posture and allow your energy to flow unimpeded. 

Week 1 (October 1): The Prana Vayu

Week 2 (October 8): The Apana Vayu

Week 3 (October 15): The Samana Vayu

Week 4 (October 22): The Vyana Vayu

Week 5 (October 29): The Udana Vayu

Week 6 (November 5): The 5-Vayus practice

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