Yoga for Gut Health

Yoga for Gut Health

If you have ever experienced ‘butterflies in your stomach’ when you are nervous or excited, you know that the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) tract communicate bidirectionally with one another. This means that our emotions affect the functioning of our gut and our gut affects our emotions. Yoga and meditation can help change your relationship to stress,improve circulation and tone in the gut, and activate and tone the parasympathetic nervous system associated with resting and digestion. Yoga can also alter our perception of pain in the GI tract.

Please join us for a complete yoga practice that aims to restore balance in the relationship between gut and brain by creating a calm nervous system, massaging organs, changing how we react to stress, supporting circulation and improving mobility in the GI tract. Learn how Yoga can be effective to manage the well being of our gut. 

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