Yoga for Digestive Health - In Studio Class!

Yoga for Digestive Health - In Studio Class!


We have all experienced “butterflies in our stomach” before a class or a presentation. These “gut feelings” are a reminder that the brain in our skull and the enteric nervous system in our gut, sometimes called the “second brain,” are in constant communication with each other. Chronic stress, anxiety, and pain can disrupt the communication between the digestive tract and the brain resulting in hypersensitivity in the gut and contributing to many functional digestive disorders such as irritable bowel, dyspepsia, and chronic abdominal pain.

In this 4-week series, we will explore how chronic stress impacts the gastrointestinal tract. We will learn how yoga and mindfulness practices benefit digestion and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for “resting and digesting”. In addition to open discussions, we will learn various postures (asanas) and breathing practices that support a healthy digestive tract.

By learning to be present in the moments of our lives, we may be able to alter our response to habitual patterns that affect our health. Yoga and mindfulness practices provide healthy alternatives to the brain that may ultimately lead to a more balanced and healthy digestive system.

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