Yoga 101 with Maryam Ovissi

Yoga 101 with Maryam Ovissi

Yoga was designed thousands of years ago with one sole purpose, to relieve suffering. We utilize tools such as movement, breath and meditation to invite experiences of ease and peace into the body. This class will offer the brand new practitioner an opportunity to safely explore the tools of Yoga. Join Maryam online or in the studio to learn the fundamentals of yoga practice and to explore the seven movements of the spine through a creative and accessible standing yoga sequence (a chair option will be available). All are welcome.


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Saturday - December 05, 2020 / EST
Yoga 101 with Maryam Ovissi
Saturday 12/5/2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Maryam Ovissi
Reston (Samadhi 1)