Through the Lens...

Through the Lens...

We are entering a period in our history that is unprecedented. While we are finding new rhythms in our lives due to Covid-19, changes in our children’s education, and our paths of work and service, there is suffering and growth. We want to focus on supporting your growth. We are seeing issues of isolation emerging, addictions, and anxiety. We know that having a space to connect is essential for our well-being. What can yoga and philosophy offer to support you at this time?

We offer a class of respite, a place to gather and share in conversation. Join us on Sunday evenings for a donation-based weekly retreat where we expand our perspective and explore the world and our lives through the lens of these phenomenal human beings! When you sign up, you will be asked to give a donation! Give what honors where you are in your life. We welcome all to our sanctuary for all!

September 13: with Maryam Ovissi & Swami J on Antar (Inner) Yoga

September 20: with Reggie Hubbard on Active Peace Yoga

September 27: with Cora Wen on Global Diversity

October 4: with Marni Sclaroff on true aim, desire and joy

October 11: with Ganesh Mohan

October 18: with Hawah Kasat on sacred activism &

October 25: with Sandra Anderson on 4 Laws of Ecology and Yoga in the Time of Covid

November 1: with Maria Garre

November 8: with Heather Hagaman on Addictions

November 15: with Dr. Graham Schweig on sacred texts for these times

November 22: with Maryam