Hatha Flow and the Chakras

Hatha Flow and the Chakras

This seven-week class is an in-depth study of the relationship between the individual and the chakra system within. Each week will focus on a different chakra, starting at the root and moving up through the system. We will use the body as a tool to access the chakra with very specific sequences and learn how to apply these tools to everyday life.

This is a slow-flow practice, providing a space to travel deliberately from asana to asana with breath-initiated movements while you observe how your muscle fibers fire and your joints articulate through time and space, concentrating on specific chakra applications.

This 90-minute class is appropriate for beginners to advanced levels.

Muladhara - Sowing the seeds of our foundation, and noting our intention to collectively grow from this root (7/6).

Svadhistana - Developing a keenness for all of the ingredients of the now, and creatively utilizing these qualities to set an intentional recipe (7/13).

Manipura - Tapping into our driving force, our motivator, our truth, our power, our strength, to act with both assertion and deliberation (7/20).

Anahata - Taking time to recognize that sometimes the greatest strength is in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to ourselves, and in this vulnerability, redefining love (7/27).

Vishudha - Finding our tune, melody, rhythm, song, in the symphony of now (8/10).

Ajna - Honoring our compass, the strong intuitive motivator, to will all other aspects of ourselves to fall (im)perfectly into place (8/17).

Sahasrara - What would happen if you danced like everyone WAS watching, just to learn that they are also sharing in this dance (8/24)?


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