Exploring the 5 Elements with Yoga and Ayurveda

Exploring the 5 Elements with Yoga and Ayurveda

The five gross elements (panch maha bhuta in Sanskrit) are the building blocks of all creation. They are the core of the Ayurvedic approach. This ancient philosophy views the cosmos, and therefore us as living beings, as a constant interplay of the five elements (air, ether, water, fire, and earth). Therefore, in order to understand our own true nature, it is essential to understand how the dynamic qualities of the elements can either promote harmony and health or imbalance and dis-ease.

Our mind and body, and health are rooted in the five elements. This connection to the elements is why we feel our best when we are aligned with nature in every way. We nourish ourselves with foods from the EarthWater makes up more than 70% of our total body mass. Fire provides the body with warmth and radiant energy. Air flows freely, giving movement to biological functions and feeding each cell with oxygen. Space or Ether is ever-present in the background, providing the other components with a chance to interact this way.

This 5-week series is an exploration of the five great elements as a way to help us understand our own nature, and how they can help us achieve true, long-lasting health and wellbeing. Each week we will focus on one element, and learn practices (asana, self-care rituals, mantra, and food) that promote inner harmony, vitality, and radiance.

Week 1: EARTH - September 13 - Strength, grounding, endurance

Week 2: WATER - September 20 - Creativity, feeling, sensuality

Week 3: FIRE - September 27 - Transformation, enthusiasm, focus

Week 4: AIR - October 4 - Movement, flexibility, vitality

Week 5: SPACE/ETHER - October 11 - Expansion, vibration, non-resistance

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