Yoga for Lower Back
Yoga for Lower Back
  • Posted: 10/21/2019

We have launched a new series of therapeutically orientated classes:

Yoga for Gut Health

Yoga for Brain Health

Yoga to Destress

Yoga for Spine Health

Empower Your Breath

You can use your pass to attend these classes.  

Last week in Yoga for Spine Health at Beloved Yoga (Fridays at 10 a.m. ) Maryam Ovissi shared the wisdom of "Space & em(Brace)". Often we are told when we pick things up to bend at the knees, to breath to keep the core engaged....well a major teaching is left out.... first create SPACE in the lumbar, honoring it's curve and them BRACE and stabilize the spine to load bear.... We did a majority of these practices today in class. Next week we will continue with expanding this wisdom!

This is a teaching expanded from the wisdom of Stuart McGill, a professor and director of the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo.

* you will see hands on assisting from Dr. McGill. We do not do this types of assist at Beloved Yoga.