What is Yin Yoga?
What is Yin Yoga?
  • Posted: 5/21/2018

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that sometimes confuses practitioners and teachers alike.

The idea of a yoga practice that is Yin in nature presents the opportunity for a teacher to sequence a slower, more gentle class in any style.

However, Yin Yoga also describes a very specific type of practice that involves postures being held for long periods of time. How this type of practice is taught can vary greatly. To add to the confusion, Yin Yoga postures also have different names even though they resemble similar shapes seen in other types of classes. 

Often, Yin Yoga classes are sequenced according to meridian lines as outlined in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You might hear Yin Yoga teachers talk about the kidney meridian or the liver when you’re in a forward fold or squat.

While a useful framework for looking at the body, Traditional Chinese Medicine developed outside of the yoga framework. If you want to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine, you often enroll in a four-year graduate degree program or even can go on to get a doctorate. The meridian lines and associated body parts and movements comprise a complicated energetic pattern that is arguably outside the scope of practice of a yoga teacher to fully understand and speak intelligently about without proper training.

At Beloved Yoga, we believe that Yin Yoga has always been an inherent part of the overall Ashtanga path. In fact, the Yin Yoga framework provides a wonderful body/breath/mind-based exploration for the subtle aspects of yoga practice.

Long-held postures offer the opportunity for a practitioner to listen deeply to their inner body experience. The extra time also offers practitioners the opportunity to inquire into the state of the mind and emotions.  

Foundational Yoga philosophy concepts like the Gunas fit well into the framework of a Yin Yoga class. The structure of a Yin Yoga class offers the potential for discovering a Sattvic inner body experience.

At the same time, Yin Yoga offers a Tamasic counter to the more Rajasic qualities of vinyasa classes that dominate most studio schedules.

Coming up at Beloved Yoga: Yin Yoga Certification

      This weekend workshop offers practitioners and certified yoga teachers the opportunity to dive deep into the exploration of Yin Yoga as a vehicle for developing subtle body awareness. The weekend will feature discussions on joint and fascia anatomy, breath tools, and tools to hold space for stillness and silence in your practice and in your classes. You’ll also discuss yoga philosophy and spend time practicing Yin Yoga. For teachers interested in receiving a certification, there will be additional requirements and hours to fulfill outside the weekend workshop, including mentorship with one of Beloved Yoga’s Yin Yoga teachers.

Yin Yoga Certification

Friday, April 27 — Sunday, April 29
10am-5pm daily

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